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"I love working out at the PITT, I feel much better when I workout here.  When I have volleyball I feel like I am able to jump higher and I definitely have more endurance."  - T.G

The Pitt staff goes above and beyond for their clients, I am very happy to be a part of such a hardworking environment.  I am able to leave my comfort zone and achieve things I never thought possible!  The PITT has helpedme gain my peak of athletisism and there's not place I'd rather be! - C.W.

“The PITT is awesome, it is fun and very challenging just when you think you have their workouts all figured out they do something new and kick your butt all over again. I lost over 27 pounds during the Fitness Challenge” - J.C.


“I get more out of a one hour workout that I got out of my other gym in a whole week!” – M.G.


My experience with the Pitt was great. B Clark and his staff do a good job making the experience fun but also know how to push you to get to where you nee d to be. I’m in the best shape of my life when I’m training at pitt and I would recommend this place to anyone I know. If you want a great workout and want to be pushed to the next level the Pitt is the place to be..

- Tony Cascio - Professional Soccer Player


“This is more challenging and more fun than I ever thought possible.” – S.G.


“After only 1 month, my friends started asking what I was doing to lose weight.” – M.C.


My experience with The PITT was amazing. When it comes to training, Brian Clark and his staff is the best in the business and a staff that I’ve trusted for several years. I went to Brian my junior year of high school looking to slim down and improve my 40 time. Within three months I had lost 25 pounds and improved my 40 time greatly. The environment of training is what makes this place special and working out so much easier. Training with other great athletes and even professional athletes makes for a competitive atmosphere, which really made me work harder. Brian and his staff are more than just trainers, they are mentors who truly care about you and want to see you succeed. Because of the PITT I went into fall camp at Arizona State as one of the best conditioned players. I am so thankful for The PITT and the staff that works there for helping me get to where I want to be.

- Zach Abdorrahimzadeh


Campanella averaged an absurd 11.7 yards per offensive touch, and scored 28 times. His 2086 total yards was all the more impressive considering Seton outscored opponents 653-91 in their 12 wins, meaning he was often on the bench for the entire second half of games.

RB – Antonio Campanella, Sr (Seton Catholic)


“Always challenging, always fun, always different, great atmosphere, great people – I Love it!” - A.R.


“I LOVE the PITT and the people and the way the workouts are NEVER the same!”– S.J.


“I was very out of shape and worried about fitting in, the coaches were very patient and encouraging – and the members were great.” – P.R.


“In early May 2013, I stepped on the scale at my doctor’s office and cringed as it read 250 pounds. A number I have never seen before or ever thought I would ever hit. I knew something had to change or I would be just like my parents, and that scared me. My mom had a heart attack and stroke at age 42 and ended up in a coma for three years, she died at 46 never coming out of the coma. My dad made it to 55 when he had a massive heart attack and died. I am 37, 5’10” and 250 pounds. I had been around 235 but over the last couple years put on even more weight. Due to the fact, that I had broken my neck and that I was stuck on a desk job for a couple of years. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at age 35 and already dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and triglycerides. I was on three medications that I took daily; Metformin, Microzide, and Tricor. With a loving wife and two kids I didn’t want to do to them what my parents had done to me.I have known Andy for years and watched him change his life through the-pitt.com. Hitting the 250 mark was the kick in the pants I needed to try it. On May 10, 2013, I attended my first class. On my first weigh in I was 248 lbs. It was hard that first week, but I enjoyed it. I started the diet plan that first week and was able to stick with it. My second week weigh in put me at 238 lbs, and the weight kept coming off along with the inches. After eight weeks, I was down 35 lbs, after 90 days, I was down to 205 lbs. I went from a size 40 in pants to a 34, my shirts went from XXL to Large and Medium. My neck went from 18 ½ to 16 inches.


However, that was not the biggest change in my life. By July, my A1C (Diabetes’ blood sugar test) was well within the healthy range that my doctor took me off Metformin (Diabetes’ medicine). In addition, if my numbers stay where they are, which they have been, my doctor is declaring me non-diabetic on September 1st. In August, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were well within the normal range that he took me off all my medications. I feel great, have a ton more energy, and I am in better shape than when I attended the Police academy in 2002.

I owe the-pitt.com, Andy, Kellie, Cathy, Jason, Morgan, Nikki, and Brian a big thank you. They helped me change my life. I would not be where I am health wise, so soon, with out their help. It is so nice to work out in a gym that has a staff that is so supportive, caring, and eager to help their members and be able to keep it such a fun enjoyable experience. I also need to thank everyone I have had the privilege to work out with. The competitive spirit, encouragement, support, and the moans and groans that make me realize it is not only me, all go a long way. I thank you and so does my family.”

- Michael Sloboda


“It is fairly easy to explain exactly what I did for the first 90 of those days. A pedicure gone bad left me with deep blisters on the outer sides of both feet so when I wasn’t hobbling to a clinic or hospital for wound care, I was flat on my back…..I was to avoid being on my feet whenever possible. If you ever want to see what happens when a “too young pedicurist” keeps on forgetting that I have no feeling whatever in my feet…..I have the photos. Brutal, the doctor was worried at one point that the right foot could be in jeopardy.  Besides being morbidly obese for much of my adult life, I also suffer from a Idiopathic Poly Neuropathy and Sleep Apnea. My nerves for some unknown reason are dying and with that, I have a near total loss of feeling from my lower thighs down through my feet. From my wrists to my finger tips I have greatly reduced feeling. Because of the absence of feedback, if I close my eyes, I pretty much fall down. When the nerves die or become damaged, a person is left with a near constant burning pain which modulates from “ouch” to a “severe wincing type pain”. The foot problem prevented me from flying down from Alberta, Canada to our home in Chandler as scheduled in October. I did finally heal sufficiently to make it to Arizona on January 4th. My wife had come down about 3 weeks earlier and when we greeted each other, I blurted out that I was going to “join a gym” and lose some weight. I do believe that this was not my first threat to join a gym.

To make what is becoming too long of a story shorter, on Monday January 6th, I was driving west on Germann and caught a sign out of the corner of my right eye (a special 1/2 price reduction for Personal Group Training.). I was able to slow down enough to turn into the parking lot. When I walked in, I was met by man who introduced himself as Brian Clark and asked what he could do for me. I explained briefly what my last 3 months consisted of and he said, “we can help you”. I gave Brian a list of all of the medications I am on including both pharmaceuticals and medicine that nature provides. Brian said, “we can help you with those too”. Brian gave me a sheet of paper with a whole bunch of meal choices on it and went on to explain that I would be eating 5 meals a days. That sounded more than good to me so off I went to tell my wife that I had finally followed through and was now a member of a gym (albeit for one month). I arrived for a scheduled 9:00 class and announced to Brian that I was going to come each and every day until flying back north at the end of April. Brian mentioned that he would modify certain exercises due to my “not quite healed feet” and Neuropathy disability. Warm up started at the stroke of 9:00 and off I went trying to manoeuvre back and forth on the gym floor wearing moccasin slippers as my feet still required bandages. I even tried a slow run (my doctor explained that I can never run about 10 years ago). Brian immediately directed me to the recumbent bike and that he would call me back to the group for certain exercises. I rode the bike fairly hard, worked up a good sweat……and I watched. I watched people of all shapes and sizes, women and men, young adults to older folk like myself. I watched what they were doing and was truly amazed. Most if not all were smiling when they arrived and were smiling when they left. In between, there were smiles, grimaces, laughter, music…..and Brian’s voice, giving instruction, speaking words of encouragement to those who were early on their journey and also pushing the more seasoned athletes to do one more push-up, to increase the weight at times, to fine tune all movement for maximum benefit. Although I mostly rode the bike for the first week or so, I enjoyed the experience and was eager to return the next day, and the next and so on. Then I met Andy, the chiselled dynamo with incredible energy. From Andy I felt the seamless transition of a leader and it was obvious that “things flowed” as they should. While Andy was doing his thing, he was nicely able to handle a heckler who had dropped into the group. Anything that could be taken two ways, was taken “that way” by this decent athlete known as Clark…..Brian Clark. Brian performed the entire class and managed to give even closer one on one attention when the need arose.

During my first weekend, I was treated to a couple of tough exercises where the grand finale exercise was a very pretzel producing Yoga program lead by Nikki……Brian’s wife. Attaining and holding certain poses is a problem for me but there is always a word from very engaged trainer who will tweak things on an ongoing basis. From just about the get go, other Pitt members have gone out of their ways to help me get the most possible during not only the exercise part of the day but also to stress the importance of eating good food at the right time. Many of their stories shared a common theme which was that everybody spoke so highly of both the staff of trainers and the group of people involved at the-pitt.com. People who had left the-pitt.com earlier have returned knowing that you truly get what you pay for and for the-pitt.com is a good value. We often work with partners and that makes for yet another enjoy. I continue to write down those 5 meals and bring in to Brian each morning. (with some misses but he reminds me) Once I had him convinced that Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage was just iddy biddy sausage links and not two separate meals, that with a few egg whites and a handful of strawberries…well that is now my “go to” first meal of the day. The next 4 meals are taken at 3 hour intervals. He tweaks things a bit based on what he sees coupled with what I tell him that I feel. Being 60 may not be the ideal time to pull off such a 180 degree change in diet and exercise. I am or was 6′-3″ and weighed about 315 lbs when I arrived at the-pitt.com. My belly measurement a chimney plugging 55.5 inches of girth around my belly. At last weigh-in I weigh 290 pounds so that is the last I see of anything in the 300’s. I had also lost 5″ around my belly. My goal is now 225 pounds, a 6 pack and a full head of hair. I will settle of course for 225 pound weight with just a wee bit more of muscle in my arms and shoulders….where it belongs. Why am I feeling so confident all of a sudden?….that’s easy…..”the-pitt.com”!!!!


The bottom line is that “the-pitt.com” and its cast of characters have me hooked. I have already been able to titrate down with my opiate based meds and ideally will eventually be able to get by with nature’s medicines alone. “the-pitt.com Personnel” are square shooters, very personable individuals that seem to take delight in making “the-pitt.com” work as it does. I would not hesitate to recommend that you connect with Brian and listen to what he has to say. The sooner that you “get it”…. The sooner the pounds starting melting away.